African Mango Review

“Tried Of Natural Diet Pills That Do Not Work?”

African Mango Is Clinically Proven To Reduce Your Appetite And Ensure Faster Fat Burning To Help You Lose Weight Fast With ZERO SIDE EFFECTS!

Africa’s Finest African Mango:

  • highest strength African Mango supplement
  • contains a whopping 18000mg of African Mango (highest strength African Mango Supplement) This is equal to 500mg of African mango extract
  • help reduce blood sugar level after a meal thereby reducing food cravings
  • lowers bad or LDL cholesterol
  • improves cholesterol profile and blood glucose levels
  • has no side effects
  • is a quality product from well known company Evolution Slimming, UK
  • complete money back guarantee


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What Is African Mango?

African Mango has been in news for quite some time. It is know to possess amazing appetite suppressing and fat burning properties. African Mango comes from the extract from the Irvingia Gabonensis seed.

Irvingia Gabonensis is a fruit tree that is native to West and Central Africa. It is also known by other names such as wild mango or the bush mango.

Until a few years ago not much was known about this amazing fruit. However, a lot of clinical studies in the recent past have revealed that African Mango can help reduce appetite and boost your metabolism to help you lose weight quickly and without any side effects.

Research has proved that African Mango causes a body fat decrease of around 6%. This is caused by the effect upon the body’s fat stimulating and fat producing hormones. The soluble fiber that makes up the seed also works as a mild laxative which helps promote weight loss.

Moreover, African Mango is known to delay stomach emptying so that you feel fuller and eat less. This helps reduce appetite and curb hunger pangs. This is a supplement that can help you control your diet effectively so that you consume lesser calories and lose weight fast.


Best African Mango Supplement - Africa’s Finest African Mango

Africa’s Finest African Mango By Evolution Slimming is the highest strength African Mango supplement. Each capsule contains 500mg of African Mango Extract that is equivalent to 18000mg of African Mango.

No other supplement of this strength exist in the market as on date.

Some of the Benefits of Africa’s Finest African Mango include the following:

  • Faster Fat Burning
  • Appetite Control and Reduced Cravings
  • Reduced LDL Cholesterol
  • Improved Total Cholesterol And Blood Glucose Level

Is Africa’s Finest African Mango Safe?

Africa’s Finest African Mango has been getting a lot of positive reviews from customers. It is a completely safe product and does not have any kinds of side effects. Not just this, it is also backed with a money back guarantee. Evolution Slimming is a reliable company based in UK and deliveries within UK are free. Evolution Slimming also ships across the world and to the US.


Africa’s Finest African Mango Reviews

Here are some positive reviews from the customers:

“As most people also I didn’t believe in a Miracle Pill to loose wait. Having been on a very strict Non Carb diet for 2 months and hitting another weight loss plateau for 2 weeks despite all my efforts brought me to the point of giving African Mango a try. It is so frustrating when you try so hard and nothing happens. And am I so glad now that I did get to that point of desperation and looked around for help. Because after 1 day taking African Mango I started loosing 2 ounces a day and it’s day 5 now and I am still loosing 2 ounces a day. My Target Weight will be easy to achieve now. I wish I knew about African Mango before cause I wouldn’t have had to be on such a strict diet / be so frustrated and would have lost more weight but in a relaxed and enjoyable way. I now look forward to standing on the scales every morning and introducing carbs back into my diet.”



“I’ve only had them for 10 days and in that time I certainly HAVE lost weight… over 3kg but I have to admit I’d been on a binge for a few weeks before. The feeling after taking 2 tablets is that the stomach is full and you just don’t want food. After a few days I dropped the daily dose to just one tablet a day and it still seems to work OK. When one loses appetite, you can become more selective on the foods you eat… I think this is the trick…. anyway, as long as it works… I’m happy!”

by A. C. Noble “Clive N” (Haifa, ISRAEL)


“Great product,I am very happy with this product,I ve tried different products more expensive but this one really works. I am not constantly thinking about being hungry and I feel much better.Prompt exellent delievery from Evolution Slimming.”

by Piotr Bak (Surrey,UK)




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While a month supply is priced at $63 (contains 60 capsules), you can get a good discount when ordering for 2 or more bottles. I would highly recommend that you have it for at least 3 months. 3 Bottles come at a price of just $141 ($47 for a month supply) which seems to be a great deal. Not just this, delivery is FREE in UK.

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