Disrupted Sleep Increases Chances of Obesity

You might be working hard and compromising on your sleep but lack of sleep is likely to make you obese and diabetic too. In a time when an increasing number of people are going through weight problems, this research could be of great help. Lack of sleep can play a major role in making you obese or diabetic.

Sleep deprivation tends to affect your can affect your body clock rhythm and this can result in elevated blood sugar levels and reduced metabolic rate. According to the study, a group of people who slept for 6 hours a day experienced high sugar levels and low metabolic rate. High sugar level can lead to diabetes and low metabolic rate means reduced capacity of your body to burn fat resulting in excess fat accumulation in your body that is likely to make you obese and overweight.

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Thus, it is extremely important to get enough sleep at night. Another complication that can arise as a result of lack of sleep is that it can increase stress. Increased stress can result in higher Cortisol levels in your body that can affect other hormones, such as testosterone (in men) etc.,

Therefore, in order to keep in shape you must avoid late nights and get enough sleep each night. Try to the hit the bed early and make sure that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night.

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