Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans are supposed to be a great weight loss aid. There are thousands of natural weight loss aids but this is one is backed with a clinical study and this is what has been one of the most basic reasons behind it creating a big media frenzy.

Green coffee beans are not to be mistake with the normal coffee. It is the unroasted version that has different aroma and taste to it. It is extremely bitter too.

How Does Green Coffee Differ From Normal Coffee?

1. First of all, green coffee is not roasted like the normal coffee.

2. It has very less caffeine in it. A green coffee supplement contains just about 20mg of caffeine in it per serving where as a normal cup of coffee can have up to 100mg of caffeine in it.

3. What makes green coffee so effective is that it contains chlorogenic acid. This acid prevents the release of glucose into your body and also ensures faster metabolism so that your your liver is able to burn fat more efficiently.

4. Unlike normal coffee, it does not make you jittery or increase your heart rate and it does not have any side effects.

Watch The Video Below As Dr. Lindsey Duncan Explains How Green Coffee Works:


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