Green Tea Metabolism

Green Tea Metabolism - Does Green Tea Boost Your Metabolism?

I am sure you have already heard that green is great for your body. Green tea is

There is no dearth of weight loss products in the market. There are literally thousands of slimming pills, diet plans, patches etc., that boast of melting your body fat so that you can look slim and sexy once again.

However, in lack of clinical findings, you cannot really trust most of such weight loss and slimming products. What is even worse is that some of them can be fatal for your health, internal system and life.

Nonetheless, green tea is a completely different game plan.

For starters, it is completely natural and have been used by people across Asia, mainly China for thousands of years for its medicinal and healing properties.

Green Tea Metabolism - Green Tea Weight Loss

Green tea can actually boost your metabolism and ensure faster fat burning in your body. Chinese are the slimmest people in the world and this is largely due to their love for green tea.

In fact, having tea is an intrinsic part of their culture and everyday life.

Green tea is known to boost your metabolic rate. It should not come as a surprise that green tea can make your body burn 4-5% more calories. This is a great advantage when trying to lose weight.

It is rich in compounds called polyphenols and catechins which are powerful antioxidants that helps flush out toxins from your system. Toxins and chemical build up in your body, over time not only makes you gain weight but also slows down your metabolism.

Thus by getting rid of these toxins your body is able to burn fat quicker. Not just this, getting rid of toxins also helps you lose a few pounds.

Another benefit is that green tea also helps reduce your appetite. In other words, it can make you fell fuller and reduce hunger pangs so that you eat less.

Having green tea after a meal, helps prevent secretion of Insulin. This is of great significance since Insulin is the hormone that is behind fat storage in your body.

Now, there are various varieties of green tea that are famous for their weight loss effect. Some of them include Oolong, Peurh and Sencha.

Tava Tea is a blend of all these 3 tea varieties and is proven to make your body burn 2.5 times more calories that the normal green tea. It can make you lose anywhere between 4-16 pounds a month and all you are required to do is sip a few cups every day.

It is also proven to reduce LDL cholesterol and improve your skin complexion. In addition to this, it is also like to reduce stress.

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