Is Capsiplex Clinically Proven?

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Capsiplex is extremely popular. Yet many people remain in doubt whether it is really worth in its weight in gold.

Capsiplex contains red pepper extract and it is widely known that red peppers or cayenne can increase your metabolism by increasing your body temperature. But does it really work in pill form without creating any sort of irritation in your mouth, digestive track or throat?

Is Capsiplex Clinically Proven?

Lengthy independent studies were carried out on animals as well as humans to verify Capsiplex’s true ability have shown the effect that Capsicum extract can have on metabolism by raising the body temperature, metabolism is greatly increased and fat is successfully burnt before it gets absorbed by the body and stored as fat cells. Capsicum promotes blood circulation so that more nutrients and oxygen will be carried throughout the body which when it comes to weight loss is very important.

Capsicum has been used for centuries more commonly in cooking but also as a treatment to many serious and non serious illnesses and ailments. Only until fairly recently has Capsicum got more recognition for its amazing weight loss powers which has been acknowledged further by the release of Capsiplex.

Capsiplex is not a prescription drug, it is completely natural. The only other added ingredients are Caffeine and Niacin, neither of which has any negative side effects and with regards to the stimulant effect of Caffeine, the amount in Capsiplex is so minimal that no side effects have been noted.

One of Capsiplex’s high selling points is the unusual outer coating of the capsule designed so that Capsicum could be taken comfortably eliminating irritation to the stomach, intestine or mouth of the dieter.

A high dosage of Capsicum would otherwise be impossible to take for the extent of nasty side effects caused. Capsicum in this form can be taken in a small capsule just once a day, another factor that makes Capsiplex stand out from the crowd is its very quick effect on weight loss. Most users will experience a weight reduction of up to 4lbs a week.

And this is without any drastic changes to lifestyle or diet, albeit exercise is always a key part in weight loss and helps you to get the optimum results you desire, but with Capsiplex you don’t have to.

With daily use of Capsiplex once a day, you can expect to lose a whopping 278 calories, this could be equal to two chocolate chip cookies, a slice of pizza or 25 minutes of jogging, and you can achieve this without effort. There are very few weight loss supplements that can boast of this fact that you can simply pop a pill and shed stones but with Capsiplex it is now possible.

With impressive evidence from doctors and consumers alike that verify the effectiveness of Capsiplex, no side effects to speak of and harmless natural ingredients at a reasonable price, Capsiplex really does deliver.

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