Red Peppers for Weight Loss

All of us know red pepper is a very popular way to add that extra kick of flavor to your favorite dishes. However, it is also one of the most efficient ways to lose weight.

This is becuase red pepper which is also called Capsicum or Cayenne has some amazing fat burning properties.

It is used more traditionally in herbal medicine as an aid for circulation and digestion. It naturally supports the production of gastric juices- this is vital for a healthy and fully functioning metabolism.

Pepper also provides immunity against colds and flu because of its many vitamins including Vitamin C and nutrients. It also contains a source of Vitamin A with its concentration of carotenoids, antioxidants and flavonoids including beta-carotene.

The Capsaicin in red pepper, the component that gives the pepper its heat possesses great cardiovascular benefits, an ability to reduce pain by helping to deplete nerve endings meaning less sensitivity and it effectively opens and drains congested nasal passages, which is why when we have a cold people often suggest a hot curry.

In regards to weight loss, it gives your metabolism a turbo charge by creating more heat within the body. After you eat very spicy, hot foods, your body temperature rises in a process known as “diet induced thermogenesis”. As your body heat increases so will your metabolism so more calories are burned off.

Studies have proven what a significant effect red pepper can have on the metabolic rate. During an experiment, 10gm of red pepper was then added to high fat and high carbohydrate meals and the spice of the pepper boosts thermogenesis which helps to burn, or oxidise the fat contained in the meal. Another study concluded that if 6 to 10 gm of red pepper was added to meals it will help to suppress hunger; this was tested on a group of men and women which showed that it did indeed suppress appetite.

The dosage in the studies were more than what most would consume but you do not necessarily have to consume that much to achieve the same results. Additional studies showed that a small 3gm of red chilli sauce and mustard sauce added to food increased the metabolic rate by up to 25%.

Red pepper is quite frequently used as an ingredient in a wide variety of weight loss supplements and works in harmony with other natural fat burners according to research. Red pepper has a very long history as a spice, it is widely available and cost effective too plus with its wide array of health benefits it is well worth being a bit brave and adding a bit of spice to your life and lose weight and enjoy the benefits that Red pepper has to offer.

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