Tava Tea - Power Blend of Green Teas

Have you heard of Tava Tea and wondered what kind of tea it is?

Tava TeaWell, Tava Tea is a wellness blend that packs in 3 highly effective and high grade varieties of green tea that include:

  • Wuyi Cliff Oolong or Wulong
  • Sencha and
  • Puerh

Now, each of these 3 green teas are famous for their health benefits. What is even more interesting is that they are known to boost your metabolism so that your body is able to burn fat and result in natural and quick weight loss.

Tava Tea is a great option for people who want to lose weight but are not really fond of weight loss pills, patches and other weight loss supplements.

However, weight loss is just one of the benefits of this amazing green tea blend. It is great for your skin too. Not just this, it is beneficial for your heart too since it helps reduce LDL cholesterol and ensures better blood circulation. Other benefits include better immunity, reduces stress etc.,

Tava Tea and Weight Loss

Tava tea is proven to make your body burn 2.5 times more calories as compared to the normal green tea. This makes it a highly effective weight loss supplement.

But this it not all.

It is also rich in antioxidants. Tava Tea is a wellness blend that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also contains Carotin and Lutein which are very powerful antioxidants that are found in carrots. Not just this, it also contains ECGC. These are the same compounds that are found in red wine and are supposed to be great for your cardiac health.

These antioxidants help eliminate toxins and other chemicals from your body resulting in two major benefits:

  • First of all, it results in the loss of weight of these toxins that can measure up to a few pounds.
  • Secondly and more importantly, getting rid of toxins helps increase your metabolic rate. Your body is better able to burn fats and calories so that you can lose weight quicker and faster.

Another important benefit of Tava Tea is that it reduces the fattening effect of carbs that you eat. Having Tava Tea a few minutes before eating carbs can regulate Insulin levels in your body. Normally, your Insulin levels spike after having carbs. High levels of Insulin result in greater fat accumulation. Tava Tea can prevent this by reducing the secretion of Insulin after ingesting carbs, thus preventing fat storage in your body.

Tava Tea is also highly effective in increasing immunity and improving your overall health.

No wonder, it has become a sought after brand among people looking for natural ways to lose weight.

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