Ways to Burn 500 Calories Super Fast

If you are able to burn 500 calories a day, there is nothing that can make you lose weight quick and fast.

However, the big question is how to burn 500 calories in a day.

Now, there are various ways to do so and one of the best ways is through exercise.

You can try various sort of exercises such as treadmill, swimming, jogging, bicycling etc.,

Outdoor sports is a great way to burn more calories. Basketball, soccer are all great for your body.

How do you know you are burning 500 calories?

You must be sure that you are burning this much and cut down on guess work. Ideally one pound of body weight is equal to 3500 calories. So, if you are steady at your weight and not gaining anything then burning 500 calories a day should make you lose one pound in a week.

In addition to exercise and some diet control, a good fat burner can make you burn calories faster so that you can lose weight quickly.

One of the best fat burners is Capsiplex. It is natural and comprises of cayenne pepper extract that makes your body burn fat quicker by generating heat or through the process of thermogenesis.

Capsiplex is proven to make your body burn up to 278 calories. What it means is that if you take this supplement, you are almost half way through to achieving your goal of burning 500 calories in a day.

It is safe, clinically proven and free of side effects too. No wonder, a lot of Hollywood celebs have also used this supplement to lose weight and stay in shape.

Here is a Capsiplex Review to help you find out how it makes you lose weight quicker than ever before.

Yet another great weight loss supplement is Meratol that can help you lose weight fast.

Burn 500 CaloriesWhat is Meratol?


Capsiplex is not the only supplement that can make your body burn calories quick and fast. Meratol is another supplement that boasts of being 100% natural and can make your body burn up to 12 times more calories. Some of the ingredients used in it include prickly pear, capsicum extract, brown seaweed extract and cactus extract.

One of the most interesting things about Meratol is that it blocks up to 82% of carbs in your diet from being absorbed by your body. Not just this, it also kickstarts your metabolism so that your body is able to burn fats faster. Another important feature is that it also helps suppress your appetite so that you eat less resulting in a dramatic cut in your caloric intake.

Many people have been able to knock off 3-5 pounds a week with this supplement. There are no known side effects. Lauren Goodger is one of the celebs who endorses this natural weight loss product.

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