What Is Capsiplex?

This is a question that is asked quite a lot lately. People want to know what is this relatively new weight loss pill.

So, what is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is a fairly new and unique weight loss diet pill. You take it twice a day with a glass of water. For best results you should take it before exercising.

The main active ingredient is Capsicum and it also contains caffeine, black pepper extract and niacin. Capsiplex has been through clinical tests which have proven that it works as advertised. Capsicum has been used for centuries and been documented as a powerful fat burner.

The problem has always been how to deliver it to the consumer in a safe manner that won’t upset the stomach or intestinal track. This is now, no longer a problem. The makers of Capsiplex have designed and developed a pill that has a special coating that protects the body from any discomfort usually found when taking this amount of Capsicum.

These ingredients are 100% natural with no pharmaceuticals at all. This means virtually no side effects, unless you are allergic to pepper.

Capsiplex boosts your metabolism so that you can burn an extra 278 calories. This is without dieting or exercise. Of course, if you eat a healthy diet and exercise you may lose weight even faster.


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